Shower Screens Lonsdale

Best Shower Screens for Your Home in Lonsdale with Beach Glass Aluminium

At Beach Glass Aluminium, we are very proud of the work we do. We were founded in 1991 and have since been serving the Adelaide community. The fact that we have many testimonials from clients who have used our shower screens in their Lonsdale homes shows how well we do our work. We always take great care in every project, contributing significantly to our outstanding industry reputation. We know every project is different, so we work closely with each customer to find a solution that fits their existing decor and personal tastes.

So, we can help whether you want a slide shower screen or a custom glass screen. So, when you visit Beach Glass Aluminium, you can be sure that you will be helped by people who know what we are doing. In addition, our prices are honest, reasonable, transparent, and upfront. 

Shower Screens Lonsdale
Shower Screens Lonsdale

Lonsdale Services for Your Shower Screens From Beach Glass Aluminium

Our semi-frameless shower screens in Lonsdale are a perfect choice because they have a simple appearance with class. This modern look could be just what your bathroom needs to complete its appearance. The frame that holds the door and side panels has been reduced. The semi-frameless glass panels are also made with millimetre-level precision to ensure you get the best possible view.

Because we only use the best fittings, we believe our shower is the best on the market; purchasing superiority is worth it. Additionally, new shower screens are an excellent addition to a newly renovated or newly constructed bathroom. They are another perfect option when choosing a simple, luxury design.

Find the Perfect Shower Screen for Your Lonsdale Home

For almost 25 years, Beach Glass Aluminium has been producing shower screens for the Lonsdale community. Beach Glass Aluminium is a family-run business and will assist people in achieving their goals and seeing their dreams come true. Our team comprises experts in our field and people working in our industry. We always provide the best service possible.

Our employees prioritize our client’s needs and are always available when you call.

We are very good at meeting everyone’s needs. We can assist you in finding appropriate solutions for your home, schedule, and budget. Beach Glass Aluminium is a South Australian-owned and operated company. Showers, splashbacks, glass replacement, and glass cut to size are among our services. We have made things that look modern while maintaining quality at competitive rates.

Shower Screens Lonsdale

Our shower screens in Lonsdale are made of superior materials. We will always and, without fail, deliver customer service of the greatest possible standard.

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